Digi Pages

Here is the “How to get Started” tutorial and completely free! I made the tutorial in this word document so you can print it out while working. This just gets you started and comfortable with the program. If you have any questions after trying, just e-mail me!




It is my little butternut squash’s birthday today!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Sophie is SO much like me. She actually calls herself “mini Mom”. I call her my “mini me”. In some ways…that is great, but in others, you learn really quickly what is NOT endearing about yourself! I have changed some of those things over the years, but seeing her in certain situations gives me a taste of my own medicine! I love you Sophie with all of my heart!! WE ALL DO!!! Happy birthday!!! A digi page of Sophie as well as a gift I made for her!

As you can see, I used the same picture of her, but in two different mediums.    I am going to have a very busy day today.  Making a cake, getting soft pretzels for the class and I am going to clean and organize Sophie’s room today for her.  Janet…if you are reading this…I have ton of clothes for you!!  😉  Some really nice dresses too! LOL!  I will be updating you on Nanny and her birthday pics on Saturday.  Wait til you see what she got as one of her presents!  And the cards!!  OH SO MANY CARDS!  The digi tutorial is coming as well!

Frame: Michaels Unfinished frame

Stamps: Kitchen Sink Stamps “Alphabet Buddy”

Paper: American Crafts

Sticker embellies: I forget!  TERRIBLE!  If anyone recognizes these, please let me know!

Here is a picture of Sophie with her BELOVED “Bear Bear” in Salem, Mass. :

I downloaded a bunch of free digi stuff on the internet last night. This page was made by using 100% free stuff! The font I got from DaFont.com. I put this together in 25 minutes. That is it! It is really rainy here today. I plan on playing with some of my Kitchen Sink Stamps tonight, so no more digi stuff for now! back to REAL paper! I am getting better at this I think. See the progression! LOL! Have a great rest of the day!

Just fooling around again. Remember…I am completely new to this. This is Sophie in first grade in her school talent show where she and her sister sang “Bop to the Top” from High School musical. She was “Ryan” and loved every minute of it!

I just love the “toothless grin!” I was making cards tonight for the next Papertrey release as well. I love both of them that I made, so it was a fun night. I am now done my concerts as of this afternoon for the season…I think…so that will be a nice break! Have a great Monday!

PS. I use microsoft digital image 2006 starter Edition, which you can download for free if you google it. I have not bought any photoshop programs yet, because I am weighing my options. I also do all of my watermarks from this program as well.

So please be kind! 🙂 I am really having fun figuring this all out, now I just need to buy more stuff!

I know this picture must have been taken by one of Emma’s friends.  It was on her camera, but I just thought they looked so natural and happy together in this pic!

I made this page with the PTI paper that were available for downloading here from Nichole. It was the digital paper to match the “Spiral Bouquet” stamp set. I am kind of happy that I made this and came out alive at the end! I know that is silly, but I was really scared to try. I may try this again, so I will put an extra category on my sidebar for digi pages. Are any of you out there scared to try this? let me know if you are…I can probably help! Have a great Sunday. I am in the middle of my last concert run of the season. I had my second concert last night and my last one today at 3pm. It should go well. Thanks for looking!! Please let me know how I did! I need some encouragement on this one! 🙂