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The Challenge:

“Button up for Winter — I don’t know about most of you, but where I live there are a lot of things that need to be done before winter hits, and that’s what we’re doing with our cards today — buttoning up for winter — BUT, it is still fall, not winter, so today’s challenge is to make a fall card and incorporate a button on it — that’s it — oh, I’m seeing lots of cozy, warm, homey cards in my mind, but I can’t WAIT to see how you all interpret this challenge!!!  Remember to try to keep it simple, quick and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!  (Oh, and  a button can be real, faux, sticker, stamped — whatever, we’re easy!)”

Well…first off “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!”  I have a very special project for you today!  First…here is the card to go along with it!  My card is not very warm…but it IS very spooky for today and it matches my project to go along with it!  I hope you enjoy!

Do you like it?  OK…now on to the project!  I found this site through a video I was watching called Fancy Flours.  YES!  I exclaimed,  I had been looking for these chocolate transfer papers for a LONG time!  I had the perfect house cookie cutter for it for my spooky houses.  So I microwaved (YES…microwaved) the white chocolate (white chocolate chips), spread it over top of the sheet using an off-set spatula over top of the whole image which is attached to an acrylic backing.  Then I melted the dark chocolate chips and spread it over the cooled white chocolate.  I then added some halloween colored candy beads on top.  I packaged them up for the kids to take to school for the faculty.  Enjoy!


Stamps: Trajan Monogram Edition, Simple Alphabet, Faux Ribbon (which made the guidelines for my stitching!) Spooky Sweets II

Paper: White, American Crafts,

Ink: Palette Noir, Versamark

Ribbon: Black eyelet, Black Embroidery Floss

Other: Large Glassine Bags, Black Embossing powder (for spider), Giga scalloped Circle Marvy Punch, Black Button, dimensionals, glue dots to hold ribbon in place.

Go see what the other girls did! 

Darlene (we will miss you!)







First of all…..THE PHILLIES WON THE PENNANT!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh the loveliness of Christmas!  Doesn’t it make you joyful?  I really think we should remember how we felt as children at Christmas time.  So excited and full of awe at its very meaning.  I really wanted to capture the childhood whimsy of Christmas and yet make what was inside special with a little more elegance.  Don’t you think that polka dots never go out of style?  I feel like polka dots and stripes are one of those things that always work in any kind of design.  Trendy or classic, it can be everything I suppose.  It is all in how you use them.  So here is my whimsical elegant box.  A sweet reminder of the first day the tree gets put up at home and all of the ornament boxes come out.  Such a joyful time for a joyful reason.  I hope you try this yourself.  It would be a wonderful gift for anyone.

these small ornament balls were found at Michaels for I believe $3.99.  There are enough ornaments in the box in which it came to make two of these gift boxes!  So the egg box is only $4.00 and the ornaments for this project is roughly $2.00.  Not too shabby for a gift that looks like it costs a fortune.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  I will be happy to answer them in the comments section.  Thanks!  Have a great day!  I will be speding my day with Cindy Lyles!  How fun!


Stamps: Take a Bough

Paper: Polka Dot Parade, Ripe Avacado, Aqua Mist

Ink: Versa Magic Chalk Ink, Palette Noir

Ribbon: Ocean Tides Satin

Other: Papertrey Egg Box, Clear Frame with Polka Dots, EK success 1 3/8 inch punch (for inside of box for the circles), 3/4 inch EK success circle punch for the ornament balls. Nestabilities, We R Memory Keepers Hardware.

Designer Note: To make the circle punches on the paper inside where the holes are in the cardboard, Cut your Polka dot Basic paper to size for the insert in the box, then flip around and trace holes.  Use the 1 3/8th inch punch centering it in the trace marks just made.  The punch is smaller than the traced circles to hold the balls upright.  This assures the perfect size holes for the small ornaments.

OK…don’t kill me for overloading you with Christmas this week!  I just need tog et some Christmas things done before “the evil concert schedule” gets hold of me.  This way I will be proactive and maybe inspire someone to do the same…or at least provide something to sort of copy!  Don’t you just love that American Crafts flair?  That little “Santa” flair is so endearing!  I am loving these round cards using the nestabilites.  It just makes it look like you went to so much extra work, but you didn’t at all!  I hope you like it!

ON TO OTHER THINGS!  I will have a project post up tomorrow that I {heart}…it is so sweet.  I also realized it would have been perfect for the PTI blog hop this month.  I even had it done in time for that, but only just barely, so I will share it tomorrow.  Wanna hear something cool?  Cindy Lyles (yeah…I am name dropping) and I are hangin’ out tomorrow!  She lives just about an hour north of me (WHO KNEW?) so we are going to hang out and make inchies…oh yeah…I know, we are complete rebels.  Don’t tell our Moms!  😉  Then we are going to go to a nice inn for lunch.  An inn is to old people what a rave is to young people…for those younger readers of this blog.  So good times and cold weather will be inevitable!  Holy cow it is cold and windy here!  SO WINDY!  I was in center city yesterday for a rehearsal and I have never felt wind that strong (and I lived in Philly for 6 years!).  Speaking of Philly…GO PHILLIES!   Let’s get this game done and over with!  OK…and another random thing…you know Philadelphia is famous for Tastycakes.  Do you have these where you are?  Anyway they are amazing.  We have some of the coffee cakes in the cabinet right now and I went to go get one to eat and noticed that there was a single one in the package.  Knowing that the girls only eat one sometimes, I thought nothing about it.  I just though to myself “perfect!”  I just wanted one anyway…well…I go to get it…and it is SEALED!  HOLY GYPED BATMAN!  Maybe it is God trying to tell me something!!!   Yeah…I need to lay off the Tastycakes! 

 Have I really been talking that much?  OK…here is the supply list…I will leave you alone now!


Stamps: Believe

Paper; Pure Poppy, Polka Dot Parade, Holiday Vintage Prints, White

Ink: Adirondach Pitch

Ribbon: Pure Poppy Satin

Other: American Crafts Flair, Swiss dot cuttlebug embossing folder, liquid pearls

Well it was so nice to see eveyone hop onto their blogs yesterday and today after the stamping cruise!  Boy I missed you guys!  In honor of the cruise today, I thought I would post a Bella card!  Char e-mailed me from the cruise and said how Emily was cracking her up big time!  I wish I were there so I could have joined in on that!  I LOVE to laugh and am quite self-deprecating, so I think my stomach would have hurt by the time I was finished on that boat!  So I need more cards for my Christmas card stash…so I altered this little Bella a bit and now she is all ready for some serious gifting!!  OK…I have to go to a rehearsal!  I will talk to you soon!  Let me know how you like the card 🙂

Sophie and I had a blast yesterday making our merengue ghosts!  They turned out so sweetly, I decided to showcase one in one of Lauren’s new Timeless Templates!  Lauren has done such an incredible job with these templates and they can be yours for such an incredibly cheap price…printable and SO fast (plus you get never-before-seen projects from the girls on the PTI team with full color pics and supplies!  Gotta love that!  Well…here is ANOTHER idea!  I just love everything about this!  John said it was his favorite project from me so far!  I think he was almost in tears!  (Just kidding…but maybe he should have been;) )  I mean how perfect would this be for teachers this week on Friday!  How fun!  I am going to leave you with my merengue recipe so you can do this as well!  Go make them…you already have all of the ingredients!  Your kids will be thrilled!

Merengue Recipe:

4 egg whites in mixing bowl add 1tsp. Cream of Tartar

Beat until stiff peaks form

While beating, slowly add between 3/4 cups and 1 cup of sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)

Fill piping bag with merengue (or ziplock bag with bottom corner snipped off) pick favorite piping bag tip.

Pipe on brown paper grocery bag or parchment paper in concentric circles making sure when you get to the top to add a little ghost flip for the top!

Add mini chocolate chips for the eyes

put paper in the oven and bake at 250 degrees for two hours at least.  You are essentially just “drying out” the meregue, not baking it per se.



Template: My Timeless Templates “For Keep{sake}”

Stamps: Spooky Sweets, Spooky Sweets II

Paper: Plum Pudding, Pumpkin SU!, Transparency

Ink: Noir Palette

Ribbon: Plum Pudding Stitched Grosgrain

Other: Buttons, Linen Thread SU!


After viewing my blog on my work computer and my laptop, I have noticed that some things or all things in my sidebar have disappeared.  Don’t panic!  I am having some work done on my blog that is very exciting and will be revealed soon!  Thanks for your patience if some thing are not showing up or have gotten a little shuffled!

Make it Flat
Today’s challenge will please all the US Postal Workers — LOL!!!  Today we are making our cards FLAT.  That’s all — no other requirements.  Now, when I say FLAT, I DO NOT mean it has to be a 1-layer card, as it doesn’t.  We CAN use layers of paper, even light weight ribbon, but the end result of our card must be so flat that there is NO QUESTION when we look at it that it’ll go for 1 stamp only.  When inserted in an envelope it should have NO noticeable lumps, bumps or humps.  OK?  That’s it — create away.  Personally, I can’t WAIT to see all your FLAT ideas!!!  Perfect for Christmas cards when we do mass mailings!!! Have fun!!!
This was our challenge this week.  I tend to be a bit of a purist when it comes to challenges most of the time, so I did take the route of one layer and one layer only.  This doesn’t mean the card has to be boring.  When faced with a one-layer card, it all comes down to design.  I got the design down and wanted to add something special.  I think it will all be about shimmer for me and the upcoming holidays.  I took this great kaleidescope embossing powder and used this on the snowflakes.  What a difference the different shimmery colors make.  I did make one mistake though.  I didn’t mean to either.  It all cam down to really bad lighting in my studio, which needs to be rectified.  For the score lines…do NOT do them all the way across the sentiment.  I didn’t plan to.  This is MY trick when scoring around a sentiment.  First score lightly with the image face up on your scoring pad.  Then you can stop at the appropriate places.  Then turn your card around and follow the lines.  WELL…that was SUPPOSED to happen, but when I turned my card around I really couldn’t see where the lines stopped due to the bad lighting in my studio and I scored all the way through by accident.  I can’t even tell you why, but it was too late to fix it.  So learn from my mistake.  It just doesn’t look to good having score lines run through your sentiment.  Sorry about that.

The ribbon treatment is a flat treatment, so it won’t bunch up.  Hope you enjoy it even with the bad scoring, the design of it is solid!  LOL!  Go see what the other girls did!









Stamps: Snowflake Serenade, Snowfall

Paper: Vintage Cream CS

Ink: Versa Mark, Versa Magic Chalk ink (wheat)

Ribbon: Vintage Cream Sheer Stripes

Other: Kaleidescope embossing powder (Michaels)

I made this boxed set of cards for the Paper Crafts Christmas Tree this year.  The colors of the items on the trees will be brown, red and green.  I wanted the box to look like a house, so I made this “roof topper’ for the box.  Using the background of First Fruits, I stamped the “shingles” and added some glitter at tht top for snow.  There is a ribbon which runs up either side of the roofline with a large loop to hang on tree.  The houses on the cards took a while to do, but the rest of the card I made very simple by using the Polka Dot Basics set in white chalk ink for the snow.  I stopped just before the bottom to make it look like it was snowing and added swipes of the chalk ink to the bottom of the card to make it look snow swept.  I used vellum and stickes for the snow on the house.  On the inside the sentiment stamped reads “There’s no place like home for the holidays”  You can see this Christmas addition to “Boards and Beams” HERE.  Have a great day, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the Stamp Simply Challenge! 


Stamps: Boards and Beams, Home for the Holidays, Polka Dot Basics, First Fruits

Paper: Pure Poppy, Dark Chocolate, Kraft, Vellum

Ink: White Chalk, Dark Chocolate

Ribbon: Pure Poppy

Other; Copic Markers, buttons,

I got these amazing little frame ornament wall-hanging thingies at Michaels for $2.00 I think!  I got three of them and I have to say I am in LOVE with them!  Aren’t they the cutest?  Of course as soon as John saw the picture he says “the bottom loop is crooked”.  I bent it back.  What can you ask for for $2.00!  lol.  Seriously though, they are primed wood and wire.  Fabu.  Love it.  What else will you use those tiny pictures they put into your photo package on?  These are those “keepsake” photos…the thumbnail type ones they stick into your package from Target now.  It was a perfect fit to add some other stuff with it. I know you are probably sick of this photo, but it was perfect for the colors I wanted. I am actually going to get the girls Christmas pics done soon this year.  They will be more casual.  Cute sweaters with matching scarves.  I chopped off Sophie’s hair in the summer, so she looks so different now from this picture!  She wanted to look like Lucy Pevencie from “Narnia”.  She is too cute. 

SO… have you all been thinking about how everyone is partying away on the big stamping cruise?  Man I wish I was there, but since I am fat and hairy (well at least right now), it may be best that I am home as not to scare everyone!!  LOL!  Have a great day!

Stamps: Snowfall, 2008 Holiday Tag Collection (Noel sentiment)

Paper: Pure Poppy, Stampers Select White, Sky Blue SU!

Ink: White Chalk, Pure Poppy

Ribbon: Pure Poppy Stitched Grosgrain

Other: Marvy Super Jumbo Snowflake Punch, Buttons, Martha Stewart Clear Glitter

What a lovely experience glitter gives you on your cards if used well.  I have to amdit, I am becoming a Martha Stewart glitter fan.  I am in love with the quality of her glitter products unlike some of her other products, she got it right on her glitter.  These were stamped using the Tsukineko glue pad and the Martha Stewart brownstone glitter. It is so coppery and perfect for fall.  I wanted to the first card to feel like you were enveloped in wound ribbon as well.  I wanted the card to feel like the bundled up wheat that it was portraying.  The second card was meant to be a simple notecard, but I couldn’t resist the ribbon.  I am a satin ribbon girl through and through!  I just couldn’t resist the perfect colors together. 

How was your weekend?  We are all in states of sickness around here!  John is over it, I am sort of winding down from it, Sophie is in full swing of it and Emma…well…she is lucky…for now.  I know it is just a matter of time 😦  We spent the weekend going to John’s Sisters house for her 40th birthday…happy birthday Lisa!  I am the youngest out of the siblings and respective spouses, so the 40th hat was passed down to me at the party.  Don’t have to worry about it for a while though (whew 😉  )  Yesterday after church I hurried to make a meal for a singer friend of mine who’s husband got injured on his job and then I crashed and took a nap.  I was up most of the night before coughing (sickness and Lisa’s cats I think).  We then went over to John’s parents and had a cook-out and ate inside because it was so cold.  Baby it’s cold outside!!  I have to go to work!!  ACK!  Gotta get going!  Have a great day!!  Share your weekend with me!


Stamps: First Fruits

Paper: Vintage Cream, Ripe Avacado (PTI), Really Rust SU!

Ink: Jumbo Java, Gingerbread, Spanish Olive versa mark chalk inks, Tsukineko Glue Pad

Ribbon: Michaels, Ripe Avacado Satin

Other: Martha Stewart Glitter, Nestabilities

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