Acrylic Coaster Tutorial. Author: Rebecca Oehlers

ksspw1.jpg Acrylic Paperweight Author: K. Rebecca Oehlers

 Distressed Gold Leafing Tutorial (EASY)

 12×12 Butterfly Wall Template


6×6 See this POST for details on the project Author: K. Rebecca Oehlers

 Graduation Box Template~ Author: K. Rebecca Oehlers

 Digiscrapping for FREE Tutorial~ Author: K. Rebecca Oehlers

tin1 A Tin Tent Template: Author: K. Rebecca Oehlers

popbox Popcorn Box Printable Template: Template found.

 Wedding Program ~ Courtesy of: Maren Montalbano

ptipaperstar.jpg Paper Star Printable Template – Template Found

tallandslenderbox.jpg Tall and Slender Treat Box.  Author: K. Rebecca Oehlers

treatbox.jpg Treat Box.  Author: Beate Johns

emmabox1.jpg Large Box Template by Renee

trapazoidbox2.jpg Small Trapezoid Box.  Mirkwood Designs

childspendantlady.jpg Inchie  Children’s Pendant K. Rebecca Oehlers

tracybox1.jpg Box for 4 1/4 size cards. Courtesy of Tracy Schultz

boxfornotecards.jpg 3×3 Card Box

boxlaurenmeader.jpg Perfect Box for Gifting.  Courtesy of Lauren Meader

notesbox.jpg Beautiful Box

smallboxwithsurprisetop2.jpg Surprise Box Tutorial. K. Rebecca Oehlers

paperpurseside.jpg Paper Purse Pattern. Courtesy of SCS.

pillowboxwish.jpg Pillow Box Printable Template

origamiboxes.jpg Origami Boxes. Courtesy of K. Werner Designs

trianglecone.jpg Triangle Cone Template Mirkwood Designs

santapyramid2.jpg Pyramid Box Printable Template

triangletree.jpg trianglebirthday2.jpg Triangle Box Tutorial.

  halloween25710box2.jpg 2,5,7,10 Box.  Coutresy of: Jenn Balcer

 Coaster Picture Holder Tutorial.  Author:

 Coaster Picture Holder  K.  Rebecca Oehlers

pencandybox.jpgpencasewith2pens1.jpg  Beaded Pen Box Tutorial Author: K. Rebecca Oehlers