smallboxwithsurprisetop2.jpg Here is a Tutorial Template.  This means:  Don’t print this out onto cardstock.  It is not a printable template and is not to scale.  Also, please ignore the fantom shadow lines.  It was made from me thinking that the first ones didn’t take because they dissapeared on the screen, so I went back and re-did them.  I just got photoshop ps2 three days ago, so I am just beginning.  Please be patient!!  This box is nice and easy though.  Here are the steps in order:

1) cut cardstock to 8 1/4 x7. 

2) With the long (8 1/4in) side vertical score at: 1″, 2 1/2″, 4″,5 1/2″

3)Then turn your paper and score for the bottom at 3/4 of an inch as well as at 5″ for what will be the top of the box.

4) cut away excess.  (All areas in black.)  Then score tab at 1″ and 2 1/2″.

Hope you like it!  Here is the link:  surprisebox-copy2.jpg