Hello All! 

This is SO easy and SO fast, you can bang out a ton of these for graduation, birthday, father’s day and mother’s day gifts.  This one is for my mom’s new real estate office she just moved into!  Surprise mom!  🙂  I hope you like my little invention!

Just click below on the “read the rest of this entry” below for the tutorial!

  Supplies:  Two coasters, two clothespins, large square dimensionals, red line tape (or its equivalent).

  First, cover one coaster on two sides, and one coaster just on one side.  Making sure that each coaster has at least the same print on one side of each.  (You can cover both sides of them if you want, but you won’t see the back of the front piece, so I don’t.  It just saves me time.)  So, as you see here, I covered the one with both sides with a different paper on the back.  This will be the back side of the holder, so it is OK if it is different.

  Put a strip of redline tape down the clothespin, then on the back of your first coaster, which will be the coaster that has no paper on one side, place you clothespins tacky side down about a 1/2 an inch from each side and a little down from the top, so you won’t see the clothespin top when it is finished, as pictured.  This will allow you to hold more than one picture if desired.  No your clothespins are secured.  Now take your large square dimensionals, and place two stacked at the top, two stacked in the middle, and four, yes four, stacked on the bottom.  Do this to both sides.    You will now place the back of the coaster on top of the dimensionals, with the paper that is different facing up towards you.  This is the back side of the holder.  You can now stand it up, and it will look like this from the side.  Thank goodness nobody sees this part.  You can no open and close it by pressing on the bottome of the coasters.  Decorate, and add one regular size pic, or two wallets!