1) (4) 3.5 x 3.5 Acrylic blocks                                             

2) (4) Chipboard Coaster          

3) Your choice of cardstock or patterned paper                      

4) Your favorite “Kitchen Sink Stamps” (“Playful Christmas” is shown)                      

5) Brayer (I use a stoneware scraper) (*not shown)                       

6) Dew Drops (optional)                       

7) Mod Podge with foam brush                       

 8 ) Red Line Tape                       

9) Crystal Effects                       

10) Sandpaper

Step 1: Trace with pencil around acrylic block onto all four chipboard coasters.  Cut out carefully.  Put aside.  

Step 2:  Cut cardstock for chipboard and for stamping to 3.5×3.5

               eight pieces in all. Then stamp desired image onto four    pieces and let dry.

Step 3: Make sure your block is clean and free of ALL dust, fingerprints and lint.  Carefully Mod Podge with a thin even coat about ¼ inch around all four sides of the stamped paper.  This will prevent too much streaking.   

{Note: In case of a bad turnout, the paper and glue can be removed by soaking under warm soapy water and by using goo gone to remove adhesive.  Your block will be as good as new.}

Step 4:   Leave stamped paper image side up on your work table.  Carefully line up your block over top of the paper.  The paper may want to jump up onto the block due to static charge, so be ready to move the paper quickly if needed before the adhesive sets up.  Once securely on the block, turn the block over and quickly start to work out any air bubbles that may be between the paper and the block with your brayer or scraper.  Work quickly and swiftly.

Step 5:   Apply dew drops one by one using Stampin’ Up Crystal Effects.  Apply to all four coasters at the same time to allow for quicker drying time and less work.  Allow about 20 minutes for the dew drops to set before turning to a new side.  When two sides are finished, just brace the block up against a mug with a kitchen towel underneath to provide cushion and safety while applying the rest of your dew drops.

Step 6:  While dew drops are drying, cover your cut down chipboard coasters with your choice of patterned paper.  Apply Mod Podge on the whole coaster with a thin even coat.   Apply paper, wait for it to dry, cut excess paper off around the coaster and sand edges lightly.  After sanding dust is cleared, seal the patterned paper side with another even coat of Mod Podge.  It will dry clear.  You may use a spray sealant if you feel that these coasters may take more abuse.

Step 7:  Place red line tape on the back of the chipboard coaster.  Then apply to the back of the glass coaster with patterned paper facing upwards.

Then put them in your favorite origami  or altered coaster box and give to a very special friend!

Another Option:You can still have the same beautiful effect without the Dew Drops, and by placing a sheet of velvet patterned paper onto the back of your glass block using red lined tape.  Please come back soon and visit as I will have other beautiful ideas using this same idea.


Go to Kitchen Sink Stamps to order your set of four 3.5 x 3.5 blocks for $14.00.  You may also purchase your Dew Drops there.  I bought my velvet paper for this project at SEI.