box-template-renee.pdf  <———–Template

OK…first here is the template I found on SCS for this box.  It is fabulous!!  I can’t say how much I love it.  I love it because it is so big in all the right places!!  It is very wide.  I also love it becasue you could fit a ton of cards and envelopes in here as well as turn the box sideways and tuck in the flap for a different look.  Fantastic!  I used Kitchen Sink Stamps “Alphabet Buddy” stamps, two 12×12 sheets of American Crafts paper and Ribbon and Tim Holtz acrylic Fragments on the front with cut in half dimensionals behind it  and sticky jewels from Joann Fabrics to hide the dimensionals.  OK…now the story behind it!

I made this box to hold a gift for my “Double Digits” girl Emma 🙂  YES…Emma turns 10 on Sunday.  I really can’t believe it!  We got her a very special present that she has been wanting.  A new digital camera.  See…this is a big deal for us.  We really aren’t the types of parents who spend over $100.00 for gifts for our children.  We really don’t like our kids to think money is something everyone has all the time and we can just throw things at them.  Quite the contrary, and our kids know that.  Emma actually had a dream dealing with just this subject matter last night and she told me about it.  She said she and her cousins went into a church with Daddy and they were selling slurpies for two dollars a piece.  Emma and the kids asked John if they could get them, and he said “nope…they are too expensive!”  I laughed so hard, because this is exactly the thing he would say in that situation!!  Emma and I were having a good laugh over that one!  Anyhow, we got her this camera and I know she will be thrilled! 


She has been wanting a good camera especially for when we go to Germany every other year so she can take her own pictures.  I think that is great, so John and I wanted to grant her a special gift for turning “Double Digits”.