OK…how cool are these?  I got this box of Tim Holtz acrylic fragments.  They come in a ton of different sizes up to over three inches.  They are thin, an 1/8th of an inch thick.  I wouldn’t use this for my necklace, but it is perfect for a child’s necklace.  I pulled out the fragments that were an inch square.  My version of inchies :).   I knew I had to pull out these SU stamps.  How sweet.  My girls picked the images they wanted (they all fit) and I went to work.  I used watercolor paper and my watercolor pen and SU watercolor pencils.  I adhered them using crytal effects.  I also adhered the hardware using CE.  THis is what I used in my other pendant for me as well. (Sorry I wasn’t clear at all about that).  I got all of the hardware from my local bead store.  Before I put the hardware on, I put a piece of velvet paper on the back with a cute little pattern.  Unlike my other pendant these are not waterproof due to the use of the papers.  They are just so darned cute though!  Can’t wait for my girls to wear them.  Hope you like my version of “inchies”.  Thanks Debbie for the inchie post…it really got me started!  PS.  I just clean the tops of the pendants with windex if they get icky.