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The winner of the urban doodle factory set goes to:

NETTIE!!!  Nettie, please e-mail me with your snail mail address! thanks!

 Nettie Says:
May 30, 2008 at 10:06 pm e

Guaco from the Doddle Bug Urban set love it!


Don’t ya love this card?

OK…You know how much I am in LOVE with these Doodle factory images, right? Well…guess what I have for you?? YEP! Doodle Factory Urban BLOG CANDY! So here is what you have to do to win it!! Just head over to THIS LINK and look at the sets and tell me who your favorite DF character is! Yes…they have names!! Isn’t that funny?? So let me know!! I am going to run this blog candy for 5 days!!! So on Sunday I will pick a random number and the winner will be sent out their set! Before I send my cards out, I really wanted to get a shot of all of them together. It will be hard to let this set go to the stamp shows, I am not going to lie!!!!

I am working on putting together an easy to follow digi guide for y’all!  So, please be patient and I will have the ABC’s (that is about as much as I know anyway) for the program I use.

Edited to add: The “tile” on the card above are just squares made with the 1 1/4 inch SU! square punch.  I daubed them with temping turquoise and not quite navy inks and glued them down to a 4×4 square of white paper.  this makes it look like grout.  🙂


I am getting ready to be finished with this great set of Doodle Factory Urban images. They are so incredible. I can’t tell you how much imagination these images lend themselves to. So much fun. Period. How great are these for boys? So good. If you are dying to have these, please remember that I have a coupon in my sidebar for anything over at Starving Artistamps. Please click on that and use the code in that post. I would hate fof you NOT to get a discount! We are spending Mother’s Day over at John’s house. The men always buy us Chinese Food and they are SUPPOSED to clean up. (AHEM)…this has not happened in a while. I am so excited though, because we will also be celebrating John’s Grandmother’s Birthday. She is turning 105!!! That is correct…105!!! She is in good shape for being so old. She has a slow growing cancer, but I guess you have to have something harmful at that age! She has slowed down a lot in this last year. Although she still walks and goes up and down steps. She is a real blessing to us and our girls. SO…here is the challenge!! I would love for her to get 105 birthday cards BEFORE her birthday on May 23rd. I KNOW you have some birthday cards in your stash!!! I also know that way more that that many read my blog in only one day…so this CAN be done!! I think this would make her UNBELIEVABLY happy!!!! Can you imagine all of those cards in her room!!! She lives with John’s parents, so it would make her feel extra special to have those in her room!!! Her name is Myrtle. We call her Myrt the Turt….Myrtle Turtle. I just ask that you please e-mail me for the address as I do not want it posted all over the world! Here is my e-mail: PLEASE participate!! I NEVER have challenges and it is something you can do right now. Just throw a stamp on it and put it in your mailbox! ARE YOU IN???? WE will do this all the way up to her birthday! Let’s celebrate Mothers young and OLD!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANNY! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY EVERYONE!



I have to say I am in love. I know this stuff isn’t usually “My Style”, but I am so totally in love with coloring and playing with these Doodle Factory images. I think the fact that they demand a certain bright cartoon look from me just sends me over the edge! I think when I am done working with all of the images, I will take a picture of them all lined up together. “The Urban Line” by Becky Oehlers…works, no? LOL! They look so amazing all put next to each other on the table. I was just staring at them last night smiling. So much fun!! really…if you have copics or prismacolors, I urge you to get this set. You will have a blast!! Just remember to use the coupon on my sidebar for the 10 percent off!! So…my girls are over at their cousins today. They spent the night, so John and I had a really nice time together. He didn’t actually take them to Pennsylvania until about 8:30, so I went to a Piffaro concert alone, because I wanted to support my friends who were all playing and have a blast listening to music. YES…I have a blast listening to Renaissance music…what can I say? I am a hopeless geek. They did a whole program on “London Waits,” which will actually be their new CD at the end of the month. They are also headed over to Regensburg Germany for a festival in a couple of days, so they are busy. I have to say, music here in Philadelphia on all levels is exceptional. Also, there is a distinct sound that comes out of Philly that is full and warm…again…on ALL levels. From the Orchestra to groups like Piffaro. I think it is a reflection on the people here. We are full and warm? lol…yep fat and sweaty! No…really, I think musicians here unlike some other major cities, really treat each other like real people, and for the most part, especially in the kind of music I do, are a real encouragement to each other. We sort of have to be, I mean…it is kind of like cardmaking. A very distinct group of people doing something a little off the wall! We all need encouragement from each other, or their wouldn’t be thousands of blogs begging to be commented on out there, right? Now for something totally unrelated, but sort of related. hmmm??? WordPress has stepped up it’s game (GO WORDPRESS!) and is allowing a lot more applications to be put into posts. I think I would like to share some you tube vids out there that are my musical favorites at some point, so you can listen and browse. Just a thought. That way, you don’t have to listen if you don’t feel like it. Hope you like the cards today! Now I am off to IHOP with John. I wanted fru fru, he wants a stack of pancakes…OK…whatever!

OK…first thing first…The NEW Starving Artistamps blog is having blog candy!!  WITH NEW DOODLE FACTORY IMAGES!!!  they are more geared to girls…check em’ out and comment to win!! 

Hey there!  I made a new card with the Doodle Factory City Images!  I just think these are so cool.  I used the helicopter this time and stamped and cut out some extra buildings to build up the city a bit!  I hope you like it!  It is so bright and bold in real life.  I used prismacolor markers on this card.  Guess what?  My brothers and sister-in-law came over!!  My brother Steve on the left and his wife LIsa live in Boston.  they were down here for some work Lisa was doing and when she got here we went out and got pedicures while Steve took a shower after his long day of golfing.  Life is tough, no?  We had a blast getting pedicures and couldn’t stop giggling!  Then my youngest brother Rich (single by the way!!) came over and we adults went to dinner while the kids went to Grammy’s house.  We had the best time.  We went out to my favorite restaurant in town “Tortilla Press”.  The freshest most fabulous Mexican food ever!  We laughed and laughed and laughed the whole night.  It was really fun to watch Rich flirt with the waitress.  I know he looks funny in this picture, but he is very good looking.  Emma took this picture so everyone has a questioning look on their faces wondering if she is taking it right!  We just has a blast.