I just love this new set “Rustic Snowflakes” by Heather Nichols!! Once again…her sentiment was the inspiration for this project!! The way she leaves the sentiment open-ended makes it open to so many different possibilities! I chose to put the word SNOW in at the end for my Snow Cone project!! My girls LOVE….and when I say LOVE, I mean LOVE to go out when there is a fresh snow and fill up some dixie cups and beg me to make them snow cone syrup!! They run outside with the syrup and pour it all over the snow in their cups and eat it right there on the lawn!! It makes their day I tell ya!! Snow Cones aren’t just for summer!!! NO SNOW!?!?!?? Again…NO PROBLEM!!! I am working hard to make my projects do-able for everyone in this stamping world!! Just take some ice (crushed from the fridge is preferable) in a blender and put it on high and crush ice and let it go go go…getting the ice super fine (like snow) and there you go!! Unfortunately my idea of giving this to the girls at Christmas was foiled when they saw the Kool Aid packets and squeeze bottles!! Oh well…they have certainly been enjoying themselves the last couple of days!

You can go HERE for a full set of instructions as well as the products used AND the recipe for this super easy project!! Thanks for visiting!!! You should REALLY try this one! It couldn’t be any more simple!!