This is what happens when I am making music with this group of people all week long, they get paper named after them!  This is a collection of papers inspired by the Renaissance Wind Band based here in Philadelphia  Piffaro!  Each paper is named after a different instrument in the ensemble.  The Shawm is the ancient version of an oboe, The Sackbut was an early trombone, the Lute was the first guitar and the Dulcien was the first bassoon!  I think you all know what a Recorder is!  I hope you enjoy! Go here for the files and click on the green arrow underneath the images upon arrival.






Take some time and go see some examples from these amzing card making chicks!

Charlene Austin

Kimberly Crawford

Lynn Mercurio

Here is my sample using my Kitchen Sink Stamps Snow Flurry set!

I used liquid pearls to make some of the paper really pop.