This is my new packet of patterned papers.  I hope you like them.  I am using a file share site to distribute them.  I have pin pointed the problem with the other papers.  It seems that they get corrupted due to the file system in wordpress.  So, I am hosting them through a file share site (see below) and you can visit there to get the other papers.  I will be discontinuing “Metro” my first set due to more major issues.  I hope you understand and enjoy the new papers to come!

If you would like to see some examples using these pretty papers, please go to Charlene Austin’s blog (My BFL!!) and see how she really rocked these papers!!!

Hyde Park

Covent Garden

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

Go HERE for all of the filesUPON ARRIVAL CLICK ON THE GREEN ARROW UNDERNEATH THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD.   Do NOT print out the above pictures.  The images do not come out as the correct size on the papers.