OK…don’t kill me for overloading you with Christmas this week!  I just need tog et some Christmas things done before “the evil concert schedule” gets hold of me.  This way I will be proactive and maybe inspire someone to do the same…or at least provide something to sort of copy!  Don’t you just love that American Crafts flair?  That little “Santa” flair is so endearing!  I am loving these round cards using the nestabilites.  It just makes it look like you went to so much extra work, but you didn’t at all!  I hope you like it!

ON TO OTHER THINGS!  I will have a project post up tomorrow that I {heart}…it is so sweet.  I also realized it would have been perfect for the PTI blog hop this month.  I even had it done in time for that, but only just barely, so I will share it tomorrow.  Wanna hear something cool?  Cindy Lyles (yeah…I am name dropping) and I are hangin’ out tomorrow!  She lives just about an hour north of me (WHO KNEW?) so we are going to hang out and make inchies…oh yeah…I know, we are complete rebels.  Don’t tell our Moms!  😉  Then we are going to go to a nice inn for lunch.  An inn is to old people what a rave is to young people…for those younger readers of this blog.  So good times and cold weather will be inevitable!  Holy cow it is cold and windy here!  SO WINDY!  I was in center city yesterday for a rehearsal and I have never felt wind that strong (and I lived in Philly for 6 years!).  Speaking of Philly…GO PHILLIES!   Let’s get this game done and over with!  OK…and another random thing…you know Philadelphia is famous for Tastycakes.  Do you have these where you are?  Anyway they are amazing.  We have some of the coffee cakes in the cabinet right now and I went to go get one to eat and noticed that there was a single one in the package.  Knowing that the girls only eat one sometimes, I thought nothing about it.  I just though to myself “perfect!”  I just wanted one anyway…well…I go to get it…and it is SEALED!  HOLY GYPED BATMAN!  Maybe it is God trying to tell me something!!!   Yeah…I need to lay off the Tastycakes! 

 Have I really been talking that much?  OK…here is the supply list…I will leave you alone now!


Stamps: Believe

Paper; Pure Poppy, Polka Dot Parade, Holiday Vintage Prints, White

Ink: Adirondach Pitch

Ribbon: Pure Poppy Satin

Other: American Crafts Flair, Swiss dot cuttlebug embossing folder, liquid pearls