Nichole issued the Design Team a challenge to make mass produced cards for the Holidays! 

What an important thing to do now if you haven’t started yet!  I know some of you out there are good busy bees, making a Christmas card every day throughout the year with your other projects.  Well…if you are anything like me…Miss “I have way too many other things to be doing than an extra ANYTHING right now” on a daily basis…well…I have the card for you…AND it is fun…AND you can even get your kids to help you!!  What?  Oh yes…they can!  You know we have children for some free labor every once and a while, right?  let me explain.  The card I made for you is all made from punches!!  Super easy and super teachable to your kids, so they can feel special and help out!  First the cards:

See?  This will be very simple to do when you follow my instructions…and yes…even though it doesn’t look fast, it is QUITE fast!!  remember…punches are fast little tools and VERY kid friendly!

Go and check out what the other girls have done and make SURE you go and visit Nichole’s blog to get the Supply Lists for each set of cards!!!












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