Yeah I know, right??  Too stinkin’ cute.  Well…maybe not to Pine (’cause owls freak her out), but this is my take on the coolest kid Halloween/autumn cupcakes evah!!!  Isn’t it too funny…like the big owl is thinking “Will you get the heck off of my face!?”  I was going to put the stamped owl on the band going around the bottom (the complete NORMAL thing to do), but I decided it was just plain funny over his eyes, so I went for it!!  This way you can really see the sentiment well.  Just a whimsical idea for your autumn fest or Halloween party.  The girls actually made the rest of the owls after I took this picture and did a great job, so it is a suitable thing for kids (8 and up)  to take on as a project as well, just fill the piping bag for them!!


Stamps: Wise Owl, Spooky Sweets II {Papertrey Ink}

Paper: Vintage Cream

Ink: Dark Chocolate

Ribbon: Dark Chocolate Twill

CUPCAKE:  Ice cupcake.  To make eyebrows and ears put your chocolate icing in a piping bag (if you don’t have a piping bag, just put your canned icing in a ziploc bag and cut a small part of the corner of the bag off. 

Eyes: Mini oreos, a little bit of icing for glue and an M&M. 

Nose: A yellow M&M on its side

For the Band: I just cut a strip of vintage cream CS, then used a glue dot to close it in the back.  The glue dot is nice, because it can be repositional if you need to adjust it.