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You know, perfection is a touchy word!  😉  I think though, that this is one of the most perfect cards I have ever made.  It is first and formost, simple.  I love the images…well..because the set was my concept, so I guess it makes sense that I love them, and lastly because the cream on cream with the luscious brown chalk inks and slight hint of green are over the top gorgeous.  Yes…I kind of love this card!  Of course the brown satin ribbon is just like icing on the cake.  It was so pretty in my opinion, that I couldn’t even bear to put a sentiment on the front, so in the second picture you will see the sentiment I chose to put on the inside.

I picked gratitude, because I am so grateful for everything in my life, good or bad.  It is not MY will, but the Lord’s to be done.  I cannot control everything, but I can be grateful for it.  Grateful for the small things which teach me lessons along the way.  Grateful for honest friends, good coffee, a patient husband, living dreams, my children’s laughter and their tears.  I am grateful for music that touches every part of my soul, new people in my life and their stories, the birds that I can see out of my  window, the birds that I can hear out of my window, the cookies I can taste, the skies I can fly in to take me to see even more wonderful people.  I am grateful for people who fight for what they believe in, I am grateful for those who have come before me, and those who will come after I am gone.  I am grateful.


Stamps: First Fruits {Papertrey Ink concepts by me, designed by Nichole Heady}

Paper: Vintage Cream PTI

Ink: Gingerbread, Jumbo Java, Olive {all Versa Magic Dew Drop Inks} Kitchen Sink Stamps

Ribbon: Dark Chocolate Luxe Satin