So, I don’t have anything to post project-wise today. I spent most of my day yesterday organizing my house and studio from being away for so long this summer. I do have some great projects you can do with the kids for tomorrow’s post though. It also comes complete with templates!! oooh… ahhh!

What I WOULD like to do today however is introduce you to one of my friend’s whose blog I LOVE to read. You may know her already as Dear Paperlicious…the most deliciously funny woman ever! Joan has made me cry in front of the computer several times…because I am downright laughing so hard.

You may wonder why I am talking all about Joan and her wonderful antics…well…I asked her to participate in a little conversation about the upcoming election. Oh yes…HOT topic…and guess who isn’t afraid to go there? You guessed it…BOTH OF US!!!! And I am sure you will find that this slightly more amusing version of our Hannity and Colmes will whet your appetite for the Stamping Women’s version of politics. So…here is my first question I am posing to Dear Paperlicious!

Dear Paperlicious,
How do you think the upcoming debates will play out due to this incredible bump after the RNC?

Want to know what Dear Paperlicious said? Just go here!