Here is a cute little card I did for a birthday party. It could be an invite or birthday card.  I am about to go on a rant…so just hold on or stop reading!

I am here today struggling with my kids Everyday Math packets.  I would swear on the Bible that this program destroys kids brains to think logically, and makes their brains turn to mush.  It is rediculous.  Emma has never struggled with math until they introduced the new curriculum when she got into third grade.  Finally after months of tutoring and hundreds of dollars spent, she got advanced proficient on her state testing.  I have to say…I don’t know if it is worth being proud of that.  I don’t think it will be to her benefit when she goes out into the big world and it takes her six to seven steps to subtract a  set of three digit numbers.   I am NOT pleased as I see Sophie struggling with the same things and I know I have hundreds of dollars waiting to be wasted on tutoring, as I sit frustrated looking on to the endless sheets of problems that in a normal world should take three minutes to complete, but in the Everyday Math world takes 40 minutes, because you have to master the 80 ways to do it.  Thanks for letting me vent.  I know some of you may be dealing with the same stupidity in your schools.  What a joke to sell textbooks.

Stamps/Inque Boutique: Cake and Sentiment from “Birthday Fun”, Swirl from “Petals”

Paper: PTI stampers select white

Ink: Adirondack Pitch, copics (I colored the pearls with my copics…try it!)