The time has come!!  More than six months ago while sitting in Bible study, I had an idea for a stamp set that (for lack of a better cliche) hit me like a ton of bricks.  The passion was so strong,  I started sketching out my ideas furiously and everything was coming to me all at once.  This is the perfect “Hostess Hospitality” set I thought, but the more I kept sketching, it became a little bit more than that…it became the most special Thanksgiving set of images I have ever seen.  Needless to say, I had no idea what was discussed and taught  that morning in Bible study!  I was so excited about this “divinely inspired moment”,  I immediately threw caution to the wind and e-mailed Nichole to ask her what she would think of the perfect “Williams Sonoma meets Papertrey” stamp set.  Knowing Nichole’s passion for cooking I knew this idea may intrigue her. And so it did.  After receiving an e-mail from her,  I quickly sent her my sketches all passionately thought out down to the details which would make up the body of the images and the backgrounds and font ideas.  She said it may work, and months later I heard that they had accepted my sketches for what I feel will be the most versatile Thanksgiving set you will ever see.  Throw out any past conceptions you may have of a Thanksgiving set, and get ready for elegance, simplicity, and boldness all in one set.  Between my sketches and Nichole’s execution of the design, I think it will be a “go to” set for your Thanksgiving and Hospitality needs for years to come.  Timeless comes to mind, and I cannot wait until you all see it!