So I have a confesion to make.  I see the other PTI girls have shown you some of their love of quilting.  When I was younger I spent most all of my free moments in ensembles, orchestras, theory classes or practicing singing and french horn.  I had no…absolutely no desire to do anything that had to do with crafting or sewing.  So the most I learned how to do in my life was sew in a straight line and sew a button back on which had gone astray.  Ask me now how to use a sewing machine and I will cringe.  The very thought scares the pants off of me.  When my girls were really little I was really into collecting Longaberger baskets.  I still love them, although I do not buy them any anymore as I was running out of places to put them.  My consultant who I became close with got together several  bus/ bed and breakfast trips to Dresden Ohio for us crazy women to blow some paychecks.  It was during this time where I met my consultant’s mother who was an exceptional sewer, quiltmaker and anything else you can think of involving needles and thread.  I sat with her on one of the trips and she was sewing redwork which I immediately took to.  I mean…it was beautiful and so red and warm looking!  She then pulled out a bunch of fabric cirlces and was explaining to me what yo -yo quilts were.  I watched her make each yo-yo and thought…OK…this is one thing I can ABSOLUTELY do!  I can make a knot and sew in a straight line…(a running stitch).  So I immediately went home, bought fabric (which is really a no-no because yo yo’s are traditionally made using the scaps of fabric from other quilting projects)  and made several small throws and even one that looked like a flag which is now hanging in my dining room.  The thing I like best about yo-yos is that they can be made any size you would like.  I really enjoyed making smaller ones and making little table mats with them.   I had a couple of these lying around in my yo yo bag and thought they would be so wonderful on a card using the new Quilter’s Sampler set.

What do you think?

Go here for a simple yo yo tutorial to make this size yo yo that you see on the card , I used the top of a drinking glass to trace on my fabric before I cut them out.

Quilter’s Sampler Yo Yo Card

Stamps: Quilter’s Sampler

Paper: PTI stamper’s select white, Lavendar Moon, Plum Pudding

Ink: Plum Pudding

Other: Nestabilities, Copics, Yo Yo’s