Well…in a couple of minutes I will be leaving for the last day of recording.  We are all pretty tired, but so it goes.   When making recordings you never feel like you can ever relax, even when you have a break.  The excitement of something special is in everybody, mixed with a little tension because you can’t be the one to screw up a take.  I have learned to balance these things in the earlier hours of the process by just breathing slowly and taking the time to enjoy the friendships we have with each other.  How nice it has been to make music with my friends and to see George Blood again.  George is the recording engineer and he and I have done several projects together over the years and it has been more than a rewarding time.  He is always kind, caring, smart and lovely.  If you would like to read some news from the composers point of view, you can go here: http://kilesmith.com/ Kile’s site also has a permanent spot in my blogroll.  He summarizes the past two days in a concise way.  We had a glowing write-up in the Philadelphia Inquirer today in the magazine section about our recording.  It is so nice to be a part of something quite historic.  Pictures will come…I am working on getting them!  Have a great day!