Hi everyone!

I wanted to pop in with a text only post for a quick second.  I know most of you are enjoying your time at CHA, and some of you are vacationing with your family and making the most of this nice summer.  I wanted to let you know that I am here at home for a couple of days.  I am about to head into a recording session this week with The Crossing and Piffaro.  It will be an intense yet rewarding couple of days.  We will be recording a piece that my dear friend Kile Smith wrote.  I am very much looking forward to making music with the best of the best this week.  I will be sharing some posts with you in the coming days, including a new set of papers from Demi Design.  Unfortunately, it seems that some of my files have been corrupted somehow in my other papers that are posted on here.  I plan to go through each design and pinpoint problems.  I apologize to everyone if you have printed out these files only to be disappointed because they were not 6×6 or they got bigger or smaller somehow.  I am hoping in my next post of the new papers there will be no problems.  PLEASE feel free to e-mail me at oehlers@verizon.net if you run into a problem and they do not print out as 6×6.  I tested these upcoming ones, and they are fine for me, but who knows when you put them up on the blog…strange things may happen.  If this does happen, I will send you each file via e-mail, but HOPEFULLY this will not happen.  Look for the papers sometime tomorrow.  It is nice to sit and chat for a while.  I have a lot of music I must look over as tomorrow is our one and only rehearsal.  Thanks!