Wow!  Just got back last night from a fantastic vacation with my kids and hubby!  We surprised them and took the kids to Disney.  We went to the Magic Kingdom, Sea World, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and back to the Magic Kingdom.  It was really nice.  On the way home we went to the Shenanadoah Valley and saw Luray Caverns.  Just incredible.  Then Emma really wanted to go to Mt. Vernon, so we stopped there on our way home.  It has changed SO much since I was there in High School.  What a great learning center it has become.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning a trip on the East Coast or for people like me who live here already.  Very informative in an engaging way.  All I can say is MAN…what they can do with new theaters nowadays!!  It actually snowed in a film we saw about Washington!!  All of these new effects were in Disney as well.  Just amazing.  I think the best part of the trip though was listening to my girls in the backseat.  I just loved hearing their conversations, and what they have picked up from having talks with us.  This one was my favorite:

Emma:  Jesus was Jewish.

Sophie: He was?

Emma: Yeah…he was King of the Jews.

Sophie:***silence***  Did He believe in Himself?

Wow Soph…that was deep!  Well, our kids obviously listen when we talk to them about differences in religions!  I have to say…I told her that that was a very good question!