As I share with you my new projects for Papertrey for this month, I am reminded time and time again how much Nichole’s style of designing sets just brings out the best in me. When I see beautiful stamps like this with such wonderful pattern opportunities. I really feel like I connect with these types of styles so much because I grew up seeing so many gorgeous cathedrals, stone work and tiles. It is seared into my memory. These beautiful patterns which I still to this day marvel at every time I step into a new church to sing. I find myself (unfortunately most times during the message, because that is when I am not working) just turning my head and staring at the woodwork or stonework. Memorizing patterns, finding the comfort and beauty in the hand-crafted work. Appreciating the hours and years spent to perfect each and every turn and cut. This is where I find such peace. In the appreciation of the effort it took to create such beauty for the glory of God.

Guide Lines is now available at PaperTrey Ink. It is such a beautiful set, I urge you to take a look.