OK…so I couldn’t get computer access last night because we had a big windy storm. Then….I disassembled the entire computer because we were supposed to have painters come, and they never showed!!  The bad thing about that was the fact that I was going to make a very special post concerning an e-mail I received yesterday!A reader of mine, Rossi,  tried my inchie pendants (the project that has been published in the “Paper Crafting With Kids” issue from Paper Crafts coming out). I was SO happy with the results and her ingenious ways of getting around the fact that she couldn’t find jewelry hardware like I did, I asked her if I could share her results with you! She said YES! Thanks Rossi!! My directions for this necklace is in this post.

So…her are Rossi’s pictures, and as you can see, she clearly shows what she used for hardware, which I am sure you can find at any craft store.  Clever girl!  If you have ever tried something I have done as a tutorial, I would LOVE to show it off!  Just e-mail me at oehlers@verizon.net and be the feature of a post!  I would love to share it!  THANKS ROSSI!