Isn’t she just the best!! As part of the “get 105 cards to Nanny before her 105th birthday” on the 23rd, I decided to post this picture of Nanny (Myrtle Queair) so you could see her in person. Here she is with John and me today (or yesterday depending on when you are reading this). We spent the day over at John’s parents’ house and had our Chinese dinner and this fantastic cake made for Nan. She is so spry and little! OK…so if you are confused about this post read below. The challenge is still on!! Make a card and send it to Nanny for her 105th birthday! I KNOW you all have birthday cards!! DO NOT be shy!! She will be so blessed by them. This is a total surprise for her, so please join in!! Please e-mail me at as I would like to keep her home address discreet so I will give it to you privately.  I would LOVE to have a full inbox for my mail after this post!! Thank you for your RAK’s and thanks to my readers who have already e-mailed me and were so happy to participate!! I can’t wait to see her face! Let’s shower Nan with LOVE!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo!!!!