I am getting ready to be finished with this great set of Doodle Factory Urban images. They are so incredible. I can’t tell you how much imagination these images lend themselves to. So much fun. Period. How great are these for boys? So good. If you are dying to have these, please remember that I have a coupon in my sidebar for anything over at Starving Artistamps. Please click on that and use the code in that post. I would hate fof you NOT to get a discount! We are spending Mother’s Day over at John’s house. The men always buy us Chinese Food and they are SUPPOSED to clean up. (AHEM)…this has not happened in a while. I am so excited though, because we will also be celebrating John’s Grandmother’s Birthday. She is turning 105!!! That is correct…105!!! She is in good shape for being so old. She has a slow growing cancer, but I guess you have to have something harmful at that age! She has slowed down a lot in this last year. Although she still walks and goes up and down steps. She is a real blessing to us and our girls. SO…here is the challenge!! I would love for her to get 105 birthday cards BEFORE her birthday on May 23rd. I KNOW you have some birthday cards in your stash!!! I also know that way more that that many read my blog in only one day…so this CAN be done!! I think this would make her UNBELIEVABLY happy!!!! Can you imagine all of those cards in her room!!! She lives with John’s parents, so it would make her feel extra special to have those in her room!!! Her name is Myrtle. We call her Myrt the Turt….Myrtle Turtle. I just ask that you please e-mail me for the address as I do not want it posted all over the world! Here is my e-mail: oehlers@verizon.net. PLEASE participate!! I NEVER have challenges and it is something you can do right now. Just throw a stamp on it and put it in your mailbox! ARE YOU IN???? WE will do this all the way up to her birthday! Let’s celebrate Mothers young and OLD!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANNY! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY EVERYONE!