So…this is a little post that has a cheer up theme! If you are here, you are obvioulsy noticing something very different! I changed the theme of my blog…not to upset anyone…because I know my Mom will freak out about this, but just to make it a little cheerier for spring. The fact is…I was kind of getting sick of looking at the other one. Even though it was lovely and very nice, I was not able to make a customizable header on that blog. It seems as if that there are no real calming colors that have customizable options. So I got cheery with my header and put this together last night. I am sort of new to this whole digital imaging thing, so please be kind. Actually…be honest. It won’t hurt my feelings if you like the other one better. I know I am a creature of habit too and expect to see a certain thing when entering someone’s blog world!
Anyhow…I made this card last night and then got an e-mail from Char saying she was feeling sick and down. She also mentioned that she absolutely adores the new PaperTrey Colors (yellows) so much!! Funny, huh? I made this card and didn’t even know it would be for her! So Char…I love you and hope you are feeling better. This virtual card is for you…yellows and all! I am actually so excited, because I picked up this new wallet the other day:

It totally reminds me of the card colors!! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! I colored this card with chalks I picked up at CHF. I really love the softness it brings. So…I hope you all have a very cheery day. I have a rehearsal this morning and very much need to finish my Papertrey samples so I can photo them.