OK…first thing first…The NEW Starving Artistamps blog is having blog candy!!  WITH NEW DOODLE FACTORY IMAGES!!!  they are more geared to girls…check em’ out and comment to win!! 

Hey there!  I made a new card with the Doodle Factory City Images!  I just think these are so cool.  I used the helicopter this time and stamped and cut out some extra buildings to build up the city a bit!  I hope you like it!  It is so bright and bold in real life.  I used prismacolor markers on this card.  Guess what?  My brothers and sister-in-law came over!!  My brother Steve on the left and his wife LIsa live in Boston.  they were down here for some work Lisa was doing and when she got here we went out and got pedicures while Steve took a shower after his long day of golfing.  Life is tough, no?  We had a blast getting pedicures and couldn’t stop giggling!  Then my youngest brother Rich (single by the way!!) came over and we adults went to dinner while the kids went to Grammy’s house.  We had the best time.  We went out to my favorite restaurant in town “Tortilla Press”.  The freshest most fabulous Mexican food ever!  We laughed and laughed and laughed the whole night.  It was really fun to watch Rich flirt with the waitress.  I know he looks funny in this picture, but he is very good looking.  Emma took this picture so everyone has a questioning look on their faces wondering if she is taking it right!  We just has a blast.