OK…first off…that was so much fun to read all of the things you guys collect!   Really interesting that most of you said dust!  Me too!  Oh well…such is the life of a stamper.  We have bigger and better things to do with our spare time than dust.  I really loved Janet’s answer.  She collects children.  Yes…Janet has 5!!  That DOES count by the way, because after five kids, who has space to collect anything!  OK…now answers.  For those of you who don’t know what German Smokers really are, they are wooden figurines that open up (usually at the feet/legs) and inside there is a little metal plate.  On that plate you are supposed to put a cone of incense inside and light it.  When you put the smoker back together again, the smoke from the incense comes out.  Sometimes out of the mouth, or a bowl, or a teacup or anything depending on what the character of your smoker is!  We never light them, but the work that goes into each one is very beautiful and time consuming.  Also…those of you who wanted to know what a Haiku was….it is a form of poetry developed in Japan usually consisting of three lines which do not rhyme but have a specific form.  There are three lines. The first line must have 5 counts or syllables.  The second line must have seven and the third must again have five.  The subject of the poems are almost always nature related.  My friend has some funny ones on her facebook page called “gig” haikus.  Haikus that are written about music making on the job.  Quite a humorous concept.  Here is an example of one written on the fly:

buds bursting forth leaves

bringing color to the branch

renewing spirit

See…five syllables, seven and five again.  So…that is a haiku.  Pretty beautiful compact writing.  Kind of like a card in terms of artwork,  but with words. 

If anyone has any other questions, I would love to answer them.  I will be back later tonight to post my card I made with the new Doodle Factory stamps!  Woo hoo!  They are SO cool!