Ok first of all, I am going to go on a little rant here.  I do have a project at the end of this post, but you may want to read this first. 

Remember back a couple of weeks ago how I mentioned I thought I had the flu on this blog?  Well I noticed from my blog dashboard that someone found my blog by typing into a search engine “I think I have the Flu”.  OK…harmless enough.  I didn’t really think anything of it.  THEN I received a personal e-mail.  I was sick and deleted it and am really upset that I did, because I should have copied and pasted the whole thing here. 

Anyhow it was from a glorified drug pusher.  I am mad, so yes…YOU ARE ONE.  Someone from whomever sells Tamiflu sent me an e-mail saying it is not too late to go to the DR. and ask for “anti virals” specifically “X” brand of anti virals.  So now the drug companies have hired people to sit at desks and search the internet and find people to push their drugs onto?  I love how the guy worded the e-mail as well.  It almost sounded as if the CDC (Center for Disease Control) wanted me to go get this done for the sake of everyone around me.  I am fed up.  I am fed up with seeing pamphlets for Crohn’s disease and the drugs to treat it all over the subway and even in my office at Drexel, I am fed up with seeing those five minute commercials explaining all the different ways you can die by taking their medicines…but don’t worry….they have medication for the deathly side-effects too.  You wonder why emergency rooms are riddled with these people.  This stuff is MAKING THEM SICKER!!!  I am not heartless.  I know that there are very good medicines that help very sick people.  Please realize that.  I am attacking the very idea that the drug companies are now becoming “Big Brother” pushers and are invading my personal space and bullying me to ASK for their product.  What has this country turned into?  These people are pathetic.  Shame on you for even taking that job.  Like John Stossel on ABC news says, “GIVE ME A BREAK”.

OK…now onto my regularly scheduled program.  This is a lovely journal I made for myself.  I had a blast making it with some recycled papers, some Tim Holtz grungeboard (thanks Janet!) and Kitchen Sink Stamps.  I used the Mix-it-up Monograms set for this project. I also used old olive ink on a dauber for the color around the papers.

journal1.jpg  I made my own brads with the SU! build-a-brads (I think that is what they call them).

journal2.jpg The back of the journal.

journal3.jpg back inside flap

journal4.jpg The inside front.

journal5.jpg my monogram “B” found from a medievel piece of chant on the internet.

I hope you like it.  I will really enjoy writing haikus, thoughts and repertoire ideas in here.