OK.  So I did the impossible today!  With John’s help (because he desperately wanted me out of the office) I moved my entire stamping life to the attic today!  So here are some pics of my new stamp space.  It is not 100% done…but ALMOST!  Even though it is nothing magnificent, I really like it.  I love having my big table out which has been in our basement for 12 years now!  This was my table for my kitchen in my apartment in college!  I have so much more room now!  I still have another desk to move up and that old time radio to move down to the office, but you get the idea!  I also stole that bookshelf from John to put all of my punches/ribbon/alterables on.  here ya go…pics!  Since we used this for a guest bedroom…I still have a bed even!  For exhausted crafters!







so there it is!  There is so much ugly here in some cases, but I will fix it up with time.  Make it more “me” and not garage sale grandma chic…but…we are recycling…I guess!! LOL!