Here is a stampless card I made this weekend.  I just love how the letters look!  Ciao is such a versitile word since it means both hi and bye.  I used PTI spring moss for my cardstock base.  Over top I used vellum and on the vellum I used Stampin Up! rub ons.  I then took Perfect Plum ink and colores the C and A chipboard.  Then I took the PTI Spring Moss ink and did the same to the I and O.  I just love how I decided to not go with the real letter ‘I” but the piece that was leftover after you punched the letter out.  It gives it so much more personality and it also helps balance the shape of the letter “O” at the end of the word.  Hope you all had a good Easter.  I am rejoicing that Holy Week is over and I am on spring break!! AHHH!!! MORE BLOG posts! OK…you will not believe what my daughter just said walking out the door right now…mind you, she is SEVEN.  She said…”BRB”.  WHAT????  You all DO know that means “be right back”.  OK…we don’t even own cell phones in this house let alone have cable TV, and my seven year old is now speaking in “text”.  WHAT??  How does THAT happen???  Terrible.  I think I need to quit my job.  What next?  I think we will be heading down to our condo at the shore tomorrow for an overnight, so hopefully I can create some beautiful things to share tomorrow before I go!  I feel very free to create now!!  I love that feeling!  Talk to you all tomorrow!!