Good Friday to you all.  Get it?  Anyhoo…I made a really nice little box to hold a couple of 3×3 cards and envies.  I decided to use the “Out on a Limb” PTI set for the image and the sentiment on the front.  I liked this quote by Helen Keller.  When I was in the 6th grade I played Helen Keller in a community production of “The Miracle Worker”.  I have to tell you, it was NOT an easy thing to do.  The most horrible part of the whole play was the dining room scene.  I remember rehearsing that scene one Saturday for hours.  The probelem was not the fact that it was such a long rehearsal, but then fact was is that in that scene, Helen and Annie slap each other’s faces in a battle of wills.  We rehearsed and rehearsed that part a lot…and I held back my tears.  MAN…I was hurting, but I wanted to be professional.  Did nobody think about the fact that I was getting slapped upside the face countless number of times and I was in the 6th grade?!?  Oh well…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  So if you ever watch the Miracle Worker…think of me when you see that horrible dining room scene.  Flailing about like an animal…shoving eggs in my face and licking my plate.  It is amazing what obstacles that woman overcame.  She was a miracle.  Sorry for blabbering..I am still sick and not in my right mind.  Especially having to listed to all of those students sing yesterday.  Holy cow…some were HORRIBLE.  Thank goodness…they weren’t mine.



I love this tree paper from SEI.  The green trees are fuzzy and raised, and I love the almost 70’s pattern of it.  The repetitive trees fanning out are really beautiful.

SO…I have been asked twice in the past two days what my blog title means.  I have told most of you before, but for any newbies…you can google it.  No…just kidding…I will tell you.  Hemidemisemiquaver (hemeedemeesemeequaver) is a common term among musicians for a 64th note in music.  A very short note.  Hence the rest of my blog name (a few SHORT NOTES on my everyday life).  I thought it was a catchy name and brought a musical title into it without being obvious about it.  If you would like to see what one looks like…I welcome you to go take a look at this Wikipedia page and also see what it has for names of notes SHORTER than this!!  It is VERY fun!