OK a lot of things for this post…

FIRST… you guys totally rocked my listening counter!  It is 10:55pm right now and I am up to 82 listens!  Thanks so much…you broke my record which was in the 50’s or something like that!  Thanks!  That was fun!!  At least for me!!  LOL!!  I have heard from you closet opera singer wanna-bees too!  That was funny!!  Who knew!!  OK…today I have to go to juries.  What are juries?  It is when all of the voice students come and sing their final exam.  Two pieces memorized and we write comments.  This normally wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I am feeling LOUSY!!  I still think my fever is in and out and my cough is not letting down.  Should be fun for the students to have to listen through my hacking!! How rude of me!  Pray I get through the day without having to go home, because that would be embarrassing.  I totally made a beautiful box today which I started before I got sick.  I will not have time to post it today, but will do so on Friday.  It uses SEI paper.  Love that stuff.  Maria Colosimo introduced it to me a while ago.  OK…now for the fun stuff…I was tagged by Susanna over at Barefoot Stamper.  She said such nice things about me…I kind of turned red reading them.  I am supposed to say 7 weird things about myself.  Only 7!!  People who know me this is a warning…DO NOT ADD TO THE LIST…thank you very much!! LOL!!  Thanks Susanna (my new friend!)  I added her to my blogroll…because she rocks!

OK…here goes:

1) When I was two years old I broke my leg.  The doctor put the cast on the wrong leg and began to explain to my father that my other leg seemed to be hurting as well.  UM…needless to say…he almost killed the Dr.! 

2) I am fat.  I do not look like that picture anymore…so nobody would recognize me if you ran into me at Michaels!  Don’t you like me even more now?  OH…I just got my hair cut too!

3)  My blogaversary is my birthday…it is coming up next month!  My husband did the first card on my blog!!  Poor thing.  It is terrible.

4) I own more acrylic than rubber.  Now you know when I started stamping.

5) I was a double major in french horn and voice performance with scholarships in both.  Made it hard to choose what I wanted to do.  Now my horn playing stinks!!

6) I was a terrible student academically.  I just wanted to go to music school.

7) My husband was my teacher in college.  A graduate teaching assistant.

I am sure I have shared this stuff before…but I am sick and can’t think!  I will post the box on Friday.  Thanks for playing my myspace game!!