ksscoasterholder.jpg Emma, “Gramps”, Sophia



I just love my Emma.  Don’t worry….Sophia will be featured too!!  Emma has such a kind, gentle, loving and family spirit.  She is academically gifted, but this doesn’t come without struggles (math).  She loves Pandas, she is obsessed with the Beatles…a REAL fan!  I have never seen a 10 year old kid who wants to know everything they can about the Beatles.  She likes playing the violin (especially figuring out Beatles songs), and she loves to sing.  She rarely shows all of herself to you unless she knows you very well.  In fact, you may find her aloof, but she really isn’t.  She just takes it all in without saying a word.  She is like her father to a “T”.   Her goal right now is to get good enough on violin so I will finally buy her a banjo and get her lessons.  Very strange, but somehow in her quirky beautiful way…that is completely “Emma”.  Every time I look at the “Playful Frames and Journaling” set from Kitchen Sink Stamps, I just see a myriad of things to make family gifts with.  I had a great time making this “Coaster Picture Holder” which I came up with and can be found here in my tutorials:


I then made matching 3×3 cards for her using the Kitchen Sink “Playful Frames and Journaling”, “Never a Loss for Words” and “Alphabet Buddy” stamps.  I used American Crafts paper to cover the coasters.  I just love how small and clean those flowers look around the “e” initial.  They stamp so well.  I hope Emma likes her things.  She is now getting to the age where sending notes to her friends might be a cool thing to do.  Hopefully she will think so.