OK..I have so many things on my to-do list for other people and things are NOT moving.  I just want to give a shout out to Charmaine for making me the sweetest Valentine’s card EVER!  I DID get it on Valentines day!!  Thanks Charmaine!!  I am going to post a pic of it later.  I wanted to send YOU some virtual love, so here is a card I made using 5 different stamps from Starving Artistamps!  So here it is!! 


I made it look like an envelope.  All those stamp motifs just sealed the deal for me!  I put a magnet under the “love” sentiments which catches the big brad and holds it closed.  So I am sending you the love!  OK…a couple of cleaning house items.  You can now follow me at www.twitter.com/beckyoehlersnot like this will be so thrilling…trust me.  I just found it fascinating.  I think it will just make me spend more time at the computer!  Silly me.  It is a goofy thing….maybe just downright bizarre that people want to keep a record of their minute by minute life, but hey, I am up for it…in sort of  a weird historical guinea pig kind of way.  OK…I cannot show you any sneak peeks…I never promised THAT….but I can give you hints about my project coming up.  Also…what is with feedblitz?  It stinks.  It doesn’t send you e-mail notifications until practically two days after postings!  Also…what is with blogger and the 8,000 letter codes they are making you type in to leave comments nowadays?  Geesh!  Talk amongst yourselves on that one.  I don’t get it!!  😉  Thanks for letting me vent!

Kitchen Sink Project Clue #1:

 It will make a great Father’s Day present.