No…this is my blog, not Gina’s! LOL!  I just thought I would show you some pics of “A Day in the Life” of me!  You have to promise to come back later today at around 3:30 though.  I will be posting the cutest PTI card!  I think you will really like it!  It is all about “Gratitude”…just a hint!  Do you THINK I have some things to be grateful for!!  😉  Well…here is a pictorial of a day in the life of me…after the kids go to school! 


This is the end of my street and the beginning of our wonderful “downtown” area.  The train I take to get to Philadlephia is litterally a two minute walk from my house.  The best part…I can’t hear it from my house!  Such a great deal!  Our downtown is fantastic.  Full of shops and fantastic restaurants!

myday2.jpg Here is the gate for my train.  This card is new.  They are great.  You just load it up with money from your credit card at the ticket machine and you go!  I always put a lot on the card so I don’t have to refill it often.   It has been so much faster than getting tickets.

myday3.jpg I spend my time on the train learning music.  I just put on my i-pod and study some.  This is for a concert I have coming up on March 1st.  Gorgeous music.  Just stunning 🙂

myday35.jpg This view always interrupts my study!  This train is amazing.  It goes right over the Ben Franklin bridge over the Delaware river!  You can also see the cars going across the bridge as well when you are in the train.  If you look in the upper left foreground corner of the picture you can see the Battleship New Jersey on the riverfront. 

myday4.jpg My stop!  For the first train that is! I take two.  They are quick!

Now for the most important stop of my day on the way to work…

myday5.jpg DUNKIN DONUTS!  These are my “girls”  Twinky (back) and Sandy (front)!!  I love them!  They take very good care of me!  I just love those girls and that coffee so much 😉

myday6.jpg My next train!  This takes me right to Drexel’s campus.  This is just up the stairs from the last train.  The Dunkin Donuts is right in between 🙂  Notice the ad for the new Veggie Tales movie!  GO SEE IT!!  We need to promote this kind of entertainment!

myday7.jpg Here I am!  Work!  So…that is about it!  That is my day in a nutshell.  I did take pics of all of my night time rehearsals, but they didn’t turn out too well…I wasn’t going to bore you anymore than I had to!  Come back later for the cutest card ever!