Well…the news is out!!  BOY that was hard to keep a secret!!!  I can’t even begin to tell you how humbled I am to have been asked to join Nichole’s team.  It is the highest honor ever in my opinion.  You all know how much I am in love with the images she puts forth and the quality of the stamps.  I really feel as if I have been selected to be on my very own “Dream Team”.  Unreal.   My singing work just took the most intense turn in the past week and I have litterally only been in my house to sleep.  That is why I haven’t been on here in days.  I am planning on stamping today while I catch up on some chores, but after this announcement, I just want to fly and party!!  I DO want to leave you with my most favorite card that I have ever made with my PTI stamps.  This card was made when I first started stamping so the picture isn’t that great.  It was never chosen for Guest Star Stamper, but I feel that it is some of my best work using PTI stamps.  I still have this card and will never part with it. 


Thanks to all of you for your kind words today.  YOU ALL MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!