HI!  I made these chipboard letters actually for the card I posted before.  Just by looking at the card, you can tell why they didn’t work!  I didn’t have any room left!  So I saved them and used them on today’s card!  Sorry it has taken me so long to post.  I was having computer isssues as well as it was stormy this morning, so the light gave me a run for my money.  I got out my groovy guava!!  This is a purty color.  I then used of all things blush blossom ink which looks like a stamped off groovy guava.  I wanted the little lady to look softer, and it really worked.  I then used sage shadow over top of her and for the flowers and trail.  I used some Kraft CS to break up the color.  The ribbon is from the dollar bin at Michales.  I am really taking the time to sit down with some music today.  I have a rehearsal tonight, so I want to make sure I have things looked at.  So many solo things to learn this month.  I really am not complaining.  It is my job and my passion.  I guess writing about it reminds me how much I have to keep disciplined.  I was just ear marking all of the Rossini solos last night.  The score is about an inch thick.  It has a lot of choral movements, but it is a mass, so I have a ton of stuff too.  The whole Agnus Dei is an alto solo with chorus.  The music itself is easy to learn, but it is Rossini.  I don’t like big bombastic Italian composers.  Not my cup of tea thanks.  The same day I do that piece, I get to sing the Pergolesi Stabat Mater in the evening with a soprano friend of mine for a benefit concert, which is…my cup of tea!  YUM!!  Stunning music.  My student load continues to be a challenge this semester.  I have some strong kids and some who have just come to class for the first time this semester.  Did I mention that this is the fourth week of classes in a ten week period??  Hellllloooo people!  This is a class!!  You are in college!!You get a grade!  AH…today’s work ethic!!