A while back, Debbie Olson RAKed me with the “Pick a Petal” set from SU!.  How sweet was that!  I have been so very busy with music in my life right now.  That is why I haven’t posted all weekend.  I had a Delius Society concert Friday night, and two church jobs today.  In between the jobs today I just needed to make something utterly cheerful.  I decided today was the day to break these babies in.  I just wanted to go wild (for me at least) with color.  So the combo of the day was Apricot Appeal, Lavendar Lace and Cameo Coral.  If you don’t like it, be kind to me.  I needed some breaking out of my box today.  I will continue to have an intense month of preparing music as I have to learn the Rossini “Messe Solenelle”, Couperin “Lecons de Tenebre”, Pergolesi “Stabat Mater” as well as a whole program of works by new composers some of which is solo work.   That on top of a full voice studio at Drexel and at home.  It is OK if you don’t know what the heck I am talking about.  I don’t even know what I am talking about right now.  Just that it is a lot of music.  Trust me.  Some of it will be more fun than others.  If you even made it through reading all of this blabbering…good for you.   You will get a cookie…if I have time to make them that is.  So don’t hold your breath.  Have a great one 😉