I was so touched that I was given this award by two people in less than a couple of hours I think!  So…I think I will give it to just 10 people.  That is how the game is played, but I thought 20 would be a little crazy!  Thanks Nicole and Maria!!!

Also…check back later, I will have more posts coming.  I think it will be a big stamping weekend for me as I seem to have the time, so you may want to come by this Saturday and Sunday to look.  OK…these people make my day:

Janet:My dearest friend in the whole world.  I love you so much!  Put some of your cards on your blog PLEASE.  They are SO good.  Your daily doses of life are hysterical and moving all at once.  You are the best sister in Christ ever. 

Mary Anderson 🙂  Hi Mary!  What a gentle spirit and she does beautiful work.  I love reading about her adventures with Wayne and Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee…

Jen del Muro:  OK..ever since Jen totally beat me to doing the acrylic block words…check hers out.  It says “Joy” Check it out HERE  she rocked it.  THAT made my day!!  Now…get out of my head!

Charmaine: Sort of like singer kindred spirits we are.  I loved her new PTI card that made honorable mention.  It was just….well…perfect in all ways to me.  I love so much how she thought out of the (pie)  box.  Made me so happy.

Julie CampbellJulie has been making me laugh so hard recently with all of the comments she has been leaving.  She is faithful.  I can tell faithful people from a mile away, and she is just that.  What a gift that is!  I just love all of her cards and all I can say is “This is my idea of Heaven…(going to your blog)”.  I will never listen to that song again without thinking of her!

Tricia, Gwyneth, and Nate!  WOW…Who’s day DON’T you guys make??  This is a special shout out to Nate though.  What you have to hold up on a daily basis and share it with the world is an extremely privileged task.  I use the word privileged, because you are a living testimony everyday and you are sharing it with everyone for a reason, and you know this.  I know all of the people reading this blog have fallen in love with you and your family.

Nichole Heady: Need I say more?

Sharon Johnson: Stunning designs.  She always puts forth such thoughtful details and execution.

Debbie Olson: Debbie is so supportive of me, it is not even funny.  She has also RAK ed me with something so thoughtful that you will see soon.  Not to mention…the QUEEN of coloring!!  Holy cow…this is  my weakest point in stamping so I think it is just extra amazing to me.

Carolyn King: Cammie is so great.  She makes me laugh harder than I knew possible.  She even gives Joan a run for her money, so you know that is a good laugh.  She is great at everything she does…very inspiring.

OK…since probably at least half of you have already received this award by today, don’t feel like you have to respond by listing other people.  I just wanted you to know that I think you are all really great.  Just don’t forget me when you’re famous.  OH…too late!!  Well…that means you didn’t forget me, and that means a lot!!