I know you have all at some point  started with a clear concept in your head when starting a card.  You just know it is going to be great and when things get going…well…everything changes!  This is what happened to me last night as I was making my card.  First I wanted to do this great graphic look using the leaf stamp from PTI’s “Spiral Bouquet” of lime green and black with opposing inks on either side..so I started, and I went to stamp with the Brilliance Pearlescent Lime Dew Drop on the black cardstock.  Boy was I surprised!  I was expecting the lime to stand out.  Nope.  It instead offered me a silvery almost tanny color with a slight hint of green!  UGH!!  This is cool, but not what I expected. Then I remembered I had this amazing metallic cardstock samples from that sustainable paper show I went to.  I was flipping through the book and came across the same sort of tanny color with a beautiful glittery shimmer to it (see second pic).  I decided to go for it.  I stamped off once for the background on the base of the card.  Then I used the small leaf stamp for the background to mount the graphic leaf onto.  BOY…was I surprised when I got it in natural light!  Now it was a crazy beautiful mustardy green and it changed the whole look of the card!  SO…when you look at the pics, you can definitely tell the difference in the color variation from the first three to the last one, which looks like the tan variation!  I am very excited about the complexity of colors on this!  What a happy accident!




ptibloom4.jpg      A bit startling, no??  Hard to believe it is the same card!!  Just from a different angle!!!