I just received this e-mail from Janet’s sister Megan:

Subject: We needed a miracle


and God gave us TWO!
Tricia survived an emergency c-section, is successfully ventilated, lungs cleared out and is in her ICU room.  Obviously, there is a lot that can change, but the chances of her survival of the c-section were slim, at best. 
And, I’m an AUNT again.  Gweneth Rose was born today weighing in at a whopping 1 pound, 7 oz (we think).  She is setting in her new nicu home and the awesome ob brought some pics out for us to see.  She’s a hairy little beast.  😉  Again, NICU babies can change moment by moment, but our little one arrived safely.
We are absolutely speechless. 
Please pray for the tough road ahead for Trish.  She had a very aggressive surgery and will be recovering from both her c-section and her trach-vent.
Again, God is amazing.
***Please keep praying as the situation can change minute by minute.  This is by no means over.  Please also visit Tricia’s husbands blog at:
http://cfhusband.blogspot.com/ I can imagine he will be updating, but maybe right now he is probably with his girls.  Thanks.