I used the Kitchen Sink Blocks to make this great picture frame.  I used this great rubbery red paper that is sustainable that I got at a paper show.  It is the coolest stuff ever!  Of course you can’t tell the neat texture from afar in a picture, but you can tell how wonderfully saturated the color is!!  It is fabulous!  I then used a vellum paper with a red leaf pattern running through it.  I placed the velvet paper on the back which has a white backing to it, so it makes the vellum pattern stand out more because it has a white sheet behind it.  I then adhered these brass hinges on the back with crystal effects.  I used the CE for the adhesive for this project as well.  I am really happy with how well it works on these blocks.  Sorry for the late post.  I had a rehearsal over in Philly this morning and I just got back.  This frame is for my MIL’s birthday.  I will be posting something for my FIL tomorrow, from the stamp set that I named!!  WHOOP WHOOP!  I just opened it now, because I wanted to stare at it for a while! LOL!