When my parents came up from Charleston SC, my Mom told me she wanted me to teach her how to make some boxes.  My Mom is crafty by nature, but never has the time to play with stuff like this.  I think she was finally convinced after doing this to get back into using her hands and creating things.  She loves throwing pots, so she is thinking of taking some pottery lessons again.  YAY!  Maybe one day she will have her own Etsy store ;).  I taught her how to make origami boxes and Jen’s 2,5,7,10 boxes.  We wanted to show her what she did with her 2,5,7,10 box.  She had fun with the cuttlebug and deciding which paper she wanted to use at the store.  She sort of gave up on the scallops, but I made her practice making them.  She would have gotten it sooner or later.  I made the scallops, but she put everything else together.  You go Mom!!