Using the new PTI limitless labels, borders and corners monogram edition and the Trajan monograms, I made this acrylic block sign for my bathroom.  The colors are creamy caramel and black.  I used matching thinner ribbon to go around the edges of each block to finish off the look.  I used red lined tape for everything.  I used the limitless label set (the circle dot pattern one) to create my background paper.  I want a huge stamp of this…’cause I LUUUUUHHHHVE this pattern.  I then used a “purse handle loop” that I found in the Michaels isle with the purses to hold the rbbon.  Sorry about the lighting.  I just took this picture now and it is almost 5pm, so no natural light.  My walls are creamy caramel, not this weird funky color they are coming up in the picture.  I taught my Mom how to make some boxes today, so I will post her creations tomorrow.  We had fun 🙂