Well…that was a much needed break.  I really had no time to blog at all, so it is good that I took some time off.  Here are some things I made today.  My nieces are coming in from Boston and Ella loves pigs (she is three) and Alex loves cows (she is five).  So I made them some necklaces and put them in small origami boxes using American crafts paper.  They were from one sheet of 12×12 paper.  I cut two at 6×6 and two at 5.5×5.5 in.  This made the two boxes perfectly.  I also made my first three step daisy card from Kitchen Sink!  I hope you like them!  Edit:  AGGHH!!! I forgot to tell you!  There is a sale in the Kitchen!  Kitchen SInk Stamps is having a sale today!  Check out the banner on SCS!!  Thanks Donna!!  LOL!