I was commissioned to make a set of coasters with family photos on it for Christmas.  The owner has a light blue decor, so I put a hint of light blue on these coasters in the form of velvet paper on the back with a beautiful leaf pattern.  The rest of the color scheme is really stunning.  Grey, silver, light blue and white.  I was so impressed with the “Silver Bells” dew drops.  SO impressed.  I did find an important thing while working on these this time.  Since these are photos, I knew it would not serve me well to use regular mod podge.  So VERY CAREFULLY a took my foam brush and dipped it in some crystal effects and only applied it about an 1/8th of an inch all the way around.  I really could not screw this up since the crystal effects is permanent.  I didn’t, AND it left really no detectable brush strokes.  I was really happy with the result.  I hope you like them.  Maria has these blocks back in stock, so you can get them at the Kitchen Sink Store  for only $14.00 for a set of four.  They are the only 3.5×3.5 clear blocks on the market.