It’s not that I don’t have tins…I do.  I just love to see what boxes I can come up with.  So, I got this box inspiration from a pencil box I saw at the Drexel bookstore.  I bought it and designed this one and made it a little shorter than the one I bought.  Inspiration is everywhere.  I will eventually put a velcro tab or a magnetic tab on the box flap to give it extra security.  It perfectly holds the Hershey’s treasures, even more than the tin holds.  I made sure to keep the beautiful lining of the paper in the slider part facing up towards the viewer.  The backside is just red.  The same idea when you put your sheets on the bed. 🙂  Have a great day everyone!  I may post the template to this after Christmas, but I am just so overwhelmed with singing and cleaning, I just can’t do it now.  Thanks for being patient!!!